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With years of experience as a BMC Software solution partner, Optivent Group has built an array of integrations to enhance your system or technology performance and to reduce your total investment cost or total cost of ownership (TCO).  Every integration we built has numerous benefits that businesses across the globe should leverage to enhance the customer user experience.

Integrations Offerings:

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • Provides faster searching and retrieval of the data
  • Excellent security mechanisms
  • It is an open-source protocol with a flexible architecture
  • Easy accessing of the data over a network
  • It runs over SSL and TCP/IP
  • The central directory can be accessed from any location on the network
  • Supports Transport Layer Security (TSL) to provide complete protection of the data
Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Boosts business productivity
  • Improves security capabilities
  • Reduce password fatigue
  • Relieves help desk workloads
  • Improves identity protection
  • Combined with risk-based authentication to provide an extra layer of security
Web Service Integration
  • Monitoring tools to automatically implement solutions when threats and vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Supports third-party applications to retrieve the data from BMC Remedy
People Data Synchronization
  • Creating records of new people
  • Synchronization of existing people records with proper profile status
  • Validation of the data with user-friendly warning messages
Foundation Data Synchronization
  • Synchronizing the complete data of organizations, Service providers, customers, departments and more.
  • Primary sites are synchronized regardless of the company
  • If people data is synchronized with home street addresses, the BMC platform loads home street addresses as home sites.
Configuration Management Database Integration
  • Lesser TCO with precise financial arrangements
  • More positive control of IT assets during the working lifecycle
  • Decrease in expenses during projects
  • Improve in the assessment of performance to increase the effectiveness
  • Clear and transparent client relationships
  • Smooth management across all applications and processes
  • Trustable Single system for business-critical processes
  • Better solutions to reduce impact and risks for better business services
Configuration Management Database Import
  • Importing information from another source by integrating with existing CMDB or manually creating configuration items (CIs)
  • Automating the workload using BMC discovery tool
  • Transformation of the data from database tables and discovery sources to the CMDB using atrium integrator.
Database Integration
  • Reducing bottlenecks and improving user experience by gaining more control over information.
  • Helps to enable centralized management to ensure organization wide-compliance

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