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Managed Services :

Nowadays, businesses all over the world are increasingly turning towards managed services to take care of all their IT needs. Many IT firms and other businesses completely rely on Optivent managed services to improve their own business processes. Over the years, the Optivent Group has provided many IT organizations with remote administration and support solutions, keeping their environment stable by fulfilling all the business needs. With our top-notch managed services, IT resources can completely focus on business needs while the Optivent group keeps the systems stable thereby assists in implementing the data and code to meet the IT needs.

Problems that involve in Planning, Development and the Team of Businesses are :

Global Managed Services

Our managed services solutions reached all over the globe to ensure that we are able to provide support and administration capabilities during all hours of the day. 

24*7 Services

At Optivent Group, we have highly experienced professionals who always there to assist you in the implementation of the best solutions.

High-Skilled Engineers

Our qualified engineers have been working with BMC Remedy Toolkit and applications over the years in support, development, and implementation of the top-notch solutions. 


Our Optivent Group always provides top-class customer service and safe infrastructure to IT firms and businesses.


The managed services team at Optivent Group monitors your systems remotely and work on issues before you come through it. With top-notch skills and services, we always strive to keep your services available at all times.

Managed Services Offerings:

At Optivent Group, our managed services team understands that your application environments are specialized and require expertise in planning, implementation, and management of the system and application.


The Optivent group managed services team monitors the application processes, disk space, CPU utilization, and other important components to ensure optimal speed and efficient performance.

Service Continuity Management

Optivent Group will perform a set of documented disaster recovery to improve or restore the application services to your user community.

Data Administration Management

Optivent groups assist with deleting, adding, and updating BMC Remedy Application and Configuration data. 

Service Delivery Review

Optivent provides the necessary reporting services so that you can thoroughly monitor and measure the contracted services delivered by Optivent Group’s Managed Services.

Remote Application Enhancement

Managed services engineers at the Optivent group can quickly update your workflow, system, and data configurations to support your business needs.

Maintenance Management of System & Application

Our managed services engineers provide inclusive patch management services to ensure that your system and application are completely stable without any vulnerabilities. 

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