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Software as a Service (Saas)

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Software as a service helps organizations or enterprises to leverage the maximum from cloud services with fewer investment costs. SaaS erases the need of installing the applications on a computer or other devices thereby allowing users to experience top-notch online features of the application. The organizations that lack the resources to buy, deploy and manage the software themselves can completely take advantage of ERP and CRM services to increase the profitability of a business. There are numerous SaaS-based business applications that run the overall system of the business. At the Optivent Group, we monitor and manage the overall software environment to make you utilize the time and money for other purposes. 

SaaS Offerings:

The reason why Software as a Service achieved popularity is because of the advantages it offers to small scale and medium scale businesses.

Cost Reduction

Of Course, every organization or enterprise that lack in availability of resources always looks for cost benefits to drive the business growth. SaaS helps small scale and medium scale firms to take complete advantage of the cloud-based features with a time-to-time subscription basis. 

Time Efficient

Businesses that choose the Software as a Service model need not worry about the upgrades and maintenance of the application. Our team always monitors your business application thereby reducing the time of maintenance and upgrading the software thereby allowing the users to leverage most out of it. 

Accessibility & Scalability

A Software as a Service application is easily accessible from any location. Just a computer and a stable internet connection is required for users to access and use cloud-based software or applications. The application is made available on any remote computer or mobile device and can use anytime from anywhere. Once you buy a license, the only thing you have to do is to upgrade your existing plan or subscription to achieve more users or customers. 

Performance & Security

Unlike traditional software or application, SaaS-based applications give excellent user-friendly experience. With time-to-time upgrades and maintenance services, we make your application a frictionless source to many. Our team at Optivent is always dedicated to managing your cloud-based application with rigorous maintenance and security services. 

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